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Super Street MONEYBUCKS Points


Tuesday Night Super Street MONEYBUCKS is a separate class designed to offer a points series open to any street legal car. One entry per Car Driver can get on the bracket. Same number registered from the beginning and stays with racer, does not change and points tracked throughout the year.  

You must purchase separate tech card for $20 per night with half of the total money for that night going to the nightly winner and the other half of the total purse going into a points fund to be paid the end of the year.  (It accumulates, gets big . . and bigger throughout the year).

When 16 qualify for the fields (on the bracket) we will post and update as the pairings change and shift throughout the year . . !

The finals race in October 8th with a rain date of October 15th if needed.

A racer who has made a spot on the bracket ladder (with the same number registered from the beginning that stays with racer, does not change and points tracked throughout the year) can compete weekly for the nightly prize money and points with a different number (maximum of two per racer).  GREAT THING is that even if you have "made the field" - -  you can be a spoiler - still get money AND get points toward end year "bump" positioning or lane choice.