Racing Programs & Payout

2020 Racing Schedule - Front & Back:



Heads Up 6.0 Program:


Saturday Program PRO King of the Track Qualifiers

Champion Crowning Date November.

date1 runs    
date 8 ==> Winner (chicken dinner)  2020
date 4 runs Winner ==> PRO
date 5 ==> Winner KING
date 2 runs   OF THE
date 7 ==> Winner TRACK
date 3 runs Winner ==>   
date 6 ==> Winner  


Tuesday night Super Street brought to you by is a separate class designed to offer a points series open to any street legal car.  Special thanks to Michael Boatright for sponsoring and developing this innovative class.

You must purchase separate tech card for $20 per night with half of the total money for that night going to the nightly winner and the other half of the total purse going into a points fund to be paid the end of the year.  (It accumulates, gets big and has been over $3K . . you just need to quailfy one of the months).

Unlike most yearly points programs, Super Street racers with the highest point’s totals that month move to the monthly winner’s race ladder to be run in October.  Points are posted under "Results, Pictures and Points" this site.

Once a racer has made it to the finals bracket they are not eligible to qualify for another spot for the following months. This allows 16 different racers a chance for the finals race in October.

A racer who has secured his spot on the ladder can still compete weekly for the nightly prize money but any points they would have acquired will not count.  Similar to NASCAR . . . once they have "made the field" - - they can be a spoiler ! ! ! Pairings

Thomas Kleppin - Don Emry - Channing Weaver - Tyler McMillen - Jordan Johnson - Gary Frye - James Roger - Phil Bodiford is 2019 Super Street Champion! - Michael O'Guin - Danny Horton - Tom Jones - Austin Boone - Lade Conlee - Michael Boatright - Micah Estes - Brad Mitchell