Friday Racing Program
    Fridays - Test & Tune, Grudge, 100% GAMBLERS, Top 10 "615" QUALIFYING and Street Cars and Bikes Callouts.
    Gates open at 6 pm for Tech-In, Test & Tune & Top "615" qualifying - Open Time Trials - Gamblers and Callouts starts at 8 pm.  Admission is $10, $5 to get tech card - grudge and race.


    So - everybody is asking what is List Racing and “615” Callouts on Fridays?

    We qualify your passes on Tuesdays AND Fridays to create the “615” list - and the images below are from the first Friday. We will update after every Friday . . .


    • Can call out up to two levels above to be confirmed 24 hours prior to race on Friday by caller and recipient.

    • Confirm by Facebook or message text with each other.  Inform tech official in tower.

    • Tech official in tower confirms challenge on day of.

    • Can forfeit or “no show” once and second time caller wins the challenge if recipient forfeits or no show (next confirmed date) - for whatever reason - has one week to fix, get ready.

    • The challenge and the “meeting of the minds” is done INDEPENDENT of the track or track official BETWEEN the challenger and recipient.

    • The track is notified of challenge pending - when racers are ready and in the lanes

    • Default is 4 tenths Pro Tree heads up win light indicator for true win, no breakout and no scoreboards.

    • Maximum of ten (10) independent challenges per night and maximum of two (2) challenges per racer per night.

    • Loser of challenge must win a challenge before being able to re-challenge or challenge up.

    • The challenge races are conducted on Fridays.

    • The “615” qualifying is conducted on Tuesdays AND Fridays.

    • Participants must pass tech inspection.


    Note: The “615” Top Ten list will change based on number of qualifying to determine make, model and type of race vehicle that is the fastest in “615”. The “615” Top Ten list will change based on growth and participation of make and model - and will be posted. Previous standings will transfer with their challenge category that they have qualified. (*) Indicates title and registration (real street car that can go to Krogers and Walmart without issues if stopped).

    In other words “if” the top 10 Chevy’s are all Corvette’s, once we have a full Chevy field AND 10 other Chevy’s we start - Camaro class. If the top 10 Dodges are all Hellcats - then we start field of top 10 Demons - top 10 Chargers - top 10 Jeeps. If we have 10 Chevy trucks AND 10 Ford trucks AND 10 Dodge trucks AND 10 Diesel trucks the field gets ==> top 10 Diesel, Chevy, Ford, etc - to determine top 10 of type in “615”.

    If there are a bunch of Mazdas in imports they will become their own category.

    To be posted regularly on social media to show TOP TEN IN “615” - below is the inaugural and current rank and driver available to challenge.

    Notify the track official when there is an accepted challenge in 615 - and the standings will be updated on the website and facebook.

    Gift Certificates to EACH class winner at the end of the season - including Quick Fuel, TX Roadhouse and of course recognition as the FASTEST.

    Good luck and safe racing as you move up the ladder as the fastest in 615!!!