Friday Racing Program
    Remaining Fridays - CALLOUTS / CHALLENGES Test & Tune, Grudge, 100% GAMBLERS, Trophy Cars and Bikes..
    Gates open at 6 pm for Tech-In, Test & Tune & Top "615" qualifying - Open Time Trials - Gamblers and Callouts starts at 8 pm.  Admission is $10, $5 to get tech card - grudge and race.

    TUESDAY October 9th will determine the “615” fastest STREET LEGAL and fastest STREET OUTLAW. The top 20 will qualify for each class from the Challenge and Call-Outs that begin Friday September 14th. Along with the GIANT Trophy recognizing the fastest in “615” each Winner will receive $100. October 16th is the rain date.
    Brackets for 615 FASTEST STREET LEGAL and FASTEST STREET OUTLAW attached. The TOP 20 get in based on Call-Outs and Challenge dates of 9/14, 9/18, 9/21, 9/25, 9/28 and 10/2. Looks like March Madness - win and you stay in. Heads Up Regular Tree - no excuses.

    Brackets below and current standing list will be provided shortly for STREET LEGAL and STREET OUTLAW and posted. (Note: this is the first list and license, tags and registration to be complete for “legal” and verified through challenges/callouts - same applies to DOT and Mufflers for “outlaws”).

    ALL CALL OUTS ARE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA - comment, share, tag and forward - or direct contact.

    Note: You must show up in lane “5” at the track the next six Friday or Tuesday nights. The track is not responsible for arranging the pairings or getting your callout/challenge to the track. $10 to call out - $10 to accept (between the racers) and winner takes the $20 and advances.
    Once there is evidence of call out (or just show up) - a no show is default win and “CALLER” takes the spot of the racer called-out. Call-outs can be three levels above most recent posted qualifying list. Also, advance contingency callouts allowed for next level (up to six above) should racer win his/her first callout. Should racer lose - then cannot race until challenged or called out again THAT NIGHT and wins. Next race date re-sets callouts and you can start again . . . and advance to October 19th brackets.

    Call-Outs and Challenge dates are 9/14, 9/18, 9/21, 9/25, 9/28 and 10/2. Proof of OUTLAW or LEGAL to be confirmed PRIOR TO RACE. Default tree setting is heads-up regular tree.

    SO HOW DOES IT WORK? Call out the racer on the list below - either OUTLAW or LEGAL . . . you can do that now up to three levels above your listing. You can call them out at the track. You can do a contingency call out up to six levels up (but you have to win your first race).

    WIN your call out and you will go up the ladder - - - that’s it and it all starts Friday.

    NEXT ==> look at the list and call out the racers above you. Post on social media - we will - and will update the list until we get the Top 20 615 and have the brackets filled on 10/9!


    So - everybody is asking what is List Racing and “615” Callouts on Fridays?